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Knuzsen & Kantowitz - Bolivian Marching Powder (Cassette)

2 Oct

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  1. Blade: High Carbon Stainless | Satin Finish; Handle: Black | Synthetic; Other Info: Includes " overall slicer with 12" Granton blade, " overall Cimeter with 10" Granton blade, " Chef's with 8" blade, " breaking with 8" blade, 11" overall boning with 6"blade " overall paring with " spear point blade, 17" overall sharpener with 12" round steel rod.
  2. Cassette Rocket / Ice on Fire 33 rpm, White Label. Vinyl LP trapped in a marriage he didn't want,vilified by the media for his personal life and consuming vast amounts of the bolivian marching powder. After a brief rally around "too low for zero" where he seemed back at the top of his game elton was heading for rock.
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