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Or, The Whale - Datura (CDr)

2 Oct

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  1. so I got this mp3 in my email the other day, it's from a country-influenced San Francisco band called Or, the Whale. It's a nice, up-tempo ditty, and while the singer's voice takes a little getting used to, once the steel guitar comes in, I'm sold. Plus the song is about datura, aka Jimson weed, a hallucinogenic plant, which is pretty's their Myspace.
  2. Apr 11, - Explore sammyjoandcheckers's board "whale decor" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Whale decor, Whale, Whale art pins.
  3. Feb 25,  · It's a hotspot of whale strandings. In February , pilot whales became stuck on the shore. It was the biggest stranding in the area in over a .
  4. Jun 17,  · Whale lice are members of the family Cyamidae. They take on a pink (per the prior image) or orange color, as seen here. The color comes from algae, which tend to settle on the host's body.
  5. Whale, any of the larger species of aquatic mammals belonging to the order term whale can be used in reference to any cetacean, including porpoises and dolphins, but in general it is applied to those more than 3 metres (10 feet) exception is the metre dwarf sperm whale (Kogia simus), so called for its otherwise striking resemblance to its larger namesake.
  6. [Verse] G Bm Oh my, yes indeed C Am Spent my money on the jimson weed G Bm C Am A bit more won't do me no good G Bm Oh no I'm seein' things C Am Try to quit you baby, but it's all she brings.
  7. Feb 17,  · The oil taken from whale blubber was packaged in casks and transported back to the whaling ship’s home port (such as New Bedford, Massachusetts, the busiest American whaling port in the mids). From the ports it would be sold and transported across the country and would find its way into a huge variety of products.
  8. Jun 29,  · A stranded whale affords a detailed look not merely at diagnostic traits—a ridge along the snout, a piebald underbelly, or a knuckled tailstock—but at its inner anatomy, musculature, and organ systems, which can’t be described from a boat.
  9. Vibrant Environments: The Feel of Color from the White Whale to the Red Wheelbarrow Nicholas Gaskill A dissertation submitted to the faculty of the University of North Carolina at.

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