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Playa Hatin (Instrumental)

2 Oct

8 Replies to “ Playa Hatin (Instrumental)

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah Verse One: Saturday morning at the crack of sunrise Thank the man upstairs for lettin me open my eyes It's a whole new game for me like T-Lee It's nine-seven now and I'ma stay sucka free Thinkin about all my homeboys behind bars as I crease up my khakis and lace up my stars And everthang is straight I'm in the full zone Gettin paper every day, it's all I'm trippin on Cause ain.
  2. Most simply, a playa hater is someone who openly criticizes, purposefully attempts to sabotage, or who indulges in any number of other activities/behaviors aimed at someone they consider a playa, or even at playas in general.
  3. For you playa hatin' motherfuckas [Hook]x2 We used to hustle all the street corners I'm fucked up [Verse 2: MC Spade] Cuttin' deals, women and dope, and doin' the shit that´s straight legit.
  4. Y'all niggas in violation of Playa-Hatin' Code Section Yo, I gives a fuck if you traumed up Dom Perrignon'ed up Niggas from where want what? One slip'll get your cherry bombed up. I got heavy arm and my niggas Homicide and Deadly Calm in the cut B, test your dumb blonde luck Fuck with the wrong one. Shawn Gun, harm one, two Fuck y'all wan.
  5. Mr Lee, please forgive me 4 using the instrumental. #SXSW LOS – Lyric Video by LOS. LOS – “Be on the Top” LOS – REAL ACTUAL Freestyle “Playa Hatin on Em” over #DavidBanner #Legend.
  6. Ain't no playa hatin' (Hatin') You regulatin' all you say, you're nathan Claimin' to Mason's, but I still keep ya whole face in Standin' ovation when you see me Big amo B.P.
  7. Feb 11,  · Cause she rep the QBC faithfully, playa hatin me All that bullshit, is just makin me More the better, then concentrate on gettin chedda If shorty set you up you better dead her, I told you Shape and mold you, Sun you, then I hold you Like a pimp mind control you double edge blow you It'll be I, like I'm supposed to, the click is coastal.
  8. Playa Hatin (Instrumental) Justified: Side A track taken from the album "Deep In The Game Affiliatez" Side B track taken from the album "The Caliway" Additional Artwork: Lil Wayne Lights Out. Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle. & Brother Lynch Mr. Policeman. Junior M.A.F.I.A. Conspiracy.

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