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Shucks I Love You

2 Oct

5 Replies to “ Shucks I Love You

  1. (Aw, shucks) I wouldn't stop it for a million bucks (I love you so) Come on, baby, now don't let go. Thunder, lightnin', wind and rain (Don't let go, don't let go) Gangsters Lyrics - Longpigs.
  2. We have this on any sleeve. It has been a shucks on CT. Thanks. In the live when you guys share the live, please comment #live. When we hit the goal of ten orders, somebody is gonna get a free oyster shot that will be opened up this morning. That is the worm the three oyster shuck, which one of you guys is gonna be the early bird.
  3. Holy Shuck! You need to shucking eat here. I just love when I eat something so yummy that my head automatically starts nodding in agreement with my taste buds, then I look at my best friend for his reaction, and our eyes meet with joy haha cheesy I know but at one point I looked around the restaurant & noticed that people were having the same response to their meal as I was- pure delight!
  4. It’s love. Despite the more cutting material that the show shucks in order to accomplish this conclusion — for a long while, it felt like it was going to be a near-surgical dismantling of.

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